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Saturday, March 23, 2019

The week 'breaking news' could not keep up

As I start writing this post we are just 1,500 signatures short of four million on a petition to Parliament, asking MPs to revoke Article 50. Already, Brexiteers are questioning its legitimacy, but this is not some fly-by-night, click-bait site with dodgy verification processes, this is the House of Commons website, complete with proper authentication procedures.

The route to revocation still lies in a third referendum in my view (the first was in 1975), but nobody should ignore the grassroots feeling that has driven so many people, possibly a record number, to go online and put their name to this request that Parliament rethinks their approach.

The numbers are growing so quickly that news outlets cannot keep up. This BBC article from yesterday, for example, has the number of signatories at three million. Other news outlets are lagging even further behind.

Today, we are expecting the biggest demonstration in central London since the 1980s. The leader of the opposition will not be there. He is content to leave the outcome of this chaotic process to Theresa May and her hard line Brexiteers, whilst espousing a fantasy solution that would never pass the House of Commons, never mind the EU.

Both the leaders of the two main parties have now come out publicly for us to leave the EU, with all the disastrous consequences that entails. It is up to the people to make them change their mind, and we are stepping up.

As I conclude this post signatures on the petition have now passed four million. What happens when more people have signed it than voted for us to leave in the first place? Is that even possible?
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