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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Is a no-deal Brexit in US interests?

Those of us who believe that President Trump would like to see the UK crash out of the European Union without a deal, so that he and his government can exploit our isolation and weakness in the world of trade to impose an unacceptable deal on us, which will lower food standards and compromise our public services, may feel our view has been validated by the recent intervention of the US Ambassador.

As the Independent reports, Woody Johnson, the US ambassador told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the kind of comprehensive trade deal with Britain sought by Donald Trump does not look possible under Theresa May’s Brexit plans.

He cast doubt on whether negotiating a “quick” and “massive” trade deal between the US and UK is feasible if the prime minister’s approach is approved. and said he detected a “defeatism” about Brexit in the UK. Mr. Johnson even felt able to take a swipe at the prime minister by suggesting that the UK was “in need of leadership”. If he means Donald Trump's kind of leadership then he can keep it.

The problem for the USA of course, is that May's deal would see the UK continue to adhere to a common rulebook with the EU after Brexit, which could mean some US goods do not meet required standards. America would likely push for farm produce, in particular, to be a part of any trade deal.

If staying in the EU, or at least maintaining our presence in the single market, means sending Donald Trump and his insulting trade agreement packing then that is another reason for a re-think on Brexit.
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