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Monday, November 19, 2018

Corbyn sits on the fence as Tories crumble

By far the most remarkable interview over the weekend was that on Sky News between Sophy Ridge and Jeremy Corbyn.

As the Guardian reports not only does the Labour Leader appear to believe that the UK can get the same benefits outside the EU as inside, a view debunked by two years of detailed negotiation and every statement by an EU leader, but he continues to stick to his pro-Brexit line despite the clear downsides of such a position.

The idea that Labour can somehow get a better deal than that delivered by Theresa May is both unevidenced and not credible. Why would the EU negotiators roll over on their red lines just because they were faced with a different Prime Minister? What even would Labour do differently? They have not told us. Their six conditions are an argument to stay in the EU, something they refuse to acknowledge.

And on the way forward, Corbyn declined to support calls for a second referendum, insisting that it is an option that can only be considered in the long term, and incredibly said that if there was another referendum, he did not know how he would vote. What sort of leadership is that? He is meant to be in charge of the opposition, not cheer-leading for the Tories.

Anybody looking to Labour to take the lead in opposition to Brexit, or even in calling for a referendum on the final deal with remain as the alternative, needs to look elsewhere. They are not coming to that party. The only UK Party that has consistently fought for that rethink is the Liberal Democrats. We are providing the leadership that Labour appear to be incapable of giving.
Corbyn is deluding his voters that he could get a better deal. He is still sitting on the fence keeping both leave and remain voters on his side.He is hedging his bets. If he came out on one side or the other , say, leave this could mean that remain voters would possibly come to us and therefore weaken his chances of victory if an election was called
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