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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Is May putting party before country?

It has been obvious to many of us for some time that we are in this Brexit-inspired mess because first David Cameron and then Theresa May, chose to put the interests of the Conservative Party ahead of those of the UK.

Now, as the Independent reports, former senior civil servants have confirmed that the Prime Minister is “staring into the abyss” of Brexit by placing party over national interest:

Nicholas Macpherson, a crossbench peer and former head of the Treasury, told the Financial Times “All too frequently in the last year the national interest has been subordinated to party interest.”

He added that although there had been some progress, there was an “absence of realism”.

“Historically, Britain has always stared into the abyss, only to pull back,” he said. “My hope is that someone will get a grip before it’s too late.”

John Kerr, a crossbench peer and former head of the Foreign Office, also told the newspaper: “It has been a completely wasted year while the Tories negotiated with themselves.”

If, as is looking increasingly likely, the outcome of Brexit talks turn out to be disastrous for the UK, the Tories reputation for economic competence will be destroyed for generations. Politically and economically it will make Black Wednesday look like a walk in the park.
The Tory party ALWAYS comes first. Then in the ensueing mess they can blame others and then put it 'right', thus claim success by correcting the mess that they do not admit to starting in the 1st place.
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