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Thursday, March 30, 2017

So much for taking back control

So, article 50 has been invoked and the more rapid, unthinking Brexiteers are talking about regaining our independence and taking back control. What a load of nonsense. However, what does 'taking back control' actually mean?

Well according to the Independent, it involves a thousand laws being passed unilaterally and without parliamentary scrutiny when European law is transposed into British law under the Great Repeal Bill.

The paper says that ‘corrections’ to EU laws will number between 800 and 1,000 and will be passed by statutory instrument, a legislative device that allows for laws to be made without a parliamentary vote.

They say that the number of statutory instruments is significantly less than the 5,000 or more that had been feared, but there are still concerns, primarily from the TUC, that these laws will be used to remove protections for workers.

So much for taking back control. What we have actually done is to take powers from a democratically elected European Parliament and passed them to ministers who it seems can act with impunity and without proper scrutiny.  Welcome to the UK's brave new world.
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