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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Now Brexit threatens 200,000 construction jobs

The Independent adds to the woe over the potential impact of Brexit by reporting on warnings by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors that almost 200,000 construction jobs could be slashed if Britain loses access to the European single market, jeopardising half a billion pounds worth of infrastructure projects and dealing a sharp blow to major UK cities’ global competitiveness.

They say that 8 per cent of the UK’s construction workers are EU nationals, accounting for some 176,500 individuals:

Almost a third of construction professionals surveyed by the professional standards group for the study said that hiring non-UK workers was important to the success of their businesses, but access to the European single market is critical to being able to do that.

“These figures reveal that the UK construction industry is currently dependent on thousands of EU workers,” said Jeremy Blackburn, RICS’ head of UK policy. “It is in all our interests that we make a success of Brexit, but a loss of access to the single market, has the potential to slowly bring the UK’s £500bn infrastructure pipeline to a standstill,” he added.

Mr Blackburn said that unless UK access to the single market is secured – or alternative plans are implemented – the country will not be able to create the infrastructure needed “to compete on a global stage”.

RICS say that UK construction is already “in the grip of a skills crisis” and that the Government must put interim, transitionary arrangements in place to avoid a potential “cliff edge”. It also said that Westminster must “seek out and attract private investors” that can help safeguard the future of the sector during these turbulent times.

We await Theresa May's response.
Tech schools must also have constructive training places in them.These Chinese companies that build factory homes should be developed quickly. Likewise the companies that do these sort of projects in the EU should be encouraged to train and build in this country. Likewise there is one near Leeds that could be developed further. The internet will have info on these companies.
The Germans and Swedes are ahead of both us and the Chinese in factory-built houses. See http://www.the-self-build-guide.co.uk/self-build-kit-houses.html for instance.
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