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Friday, March 17, 2017

Did a Welsh Tory summon the Spanish Inquisition?

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition apart from the odd Welsh Tory. The Daily Post reports that the Conservative Party has distanced itself from one of its own prominent Brexit campaigners after he appeared to call for the return of religious persecution.

They say that Dr Felix Aubel, who was the West Wales co-ordinator for the pro-Brexit Vote Leave campaign, responded to a Swedish far-right blogger by asking: “When will today’s Christian Europe say “Enough is Enough”, just like the Christian Spaniards did at the end of the Middle Ages?”

As the paper points out, in the Middle Ages the Spanish Inquisition saw the persecution of Muslims, Jews and others that the Catholic Church saw as heretics.

The process resulted in the expulsion of Jewish and Muslim communities that had called Spain home for centuries and has become notorious for it’s cruelty and violence, at the end of a period which saw Spain’s Christian kingdoms usurp Muslim kingdoms on the Iberian peninsula.

Dr Felix Aubel has been quite rightly disowned by virtually every organisation he has any connection too for this tweet.
Dr Aubel has been known as a controversialist in Wales for a long time. He was with the SDP for a while (I seem to recall him as a candidate) but he soon found his natural home in the further reaches of the Conservative Party. There is more at http://www.gwales.com/goto/biblio/en/9781845274016.
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