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Monday, March 06, 2017

Brexit money to be spent on Brexit not the NHS

Today's Guardian underlines deception that was carried out during the referendum campaign by the leave side by revealing that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is expected to use Wednesday’s budget to announce that tax revenues will be used to build up a reserve to deal with uncertainties arising from Brexit, rather than increase spending on the health service. So much for an extra £350m a week.

The paper quotes Phillip Hammond as saying that he is building up a reserve in case of difficulties arising from leaving the EU, although he stopped short from confirming a report in the Sunday Times that it would be £60bn. They say he is expected to raise funds through some tax increases, including one imposed on self-employed workers through a change to national insurance rates. He is also thought to be looking at increases in alcohol duty.

Of course we have not yet left the EU, but despite the bravado by the UK Government that they will not pay a leaving fee they know that if they want to secure a trade deal with the single market then that is precisely what they will have to do.

Not only is the NHS not going to benefit in the short run from the decision to leave, but money that should be going to alleviate pressure on doctors and nurses now is instead being used to fund Brexit, and any possibility that we will get more money for health once we have left is receding into the distance.
UKIP and LABOUR 'difficulties' being worshipped in the media has allowed the Tories to get away with anything they wanted. It is time to turn the spotlight onto them and their idea of Brexit.
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