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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Brexit begins. But who is the Joker?

The joke on Twitter is that the clocks go forward an hour on Sunday 26th March but then go back 60 years on Wednesday 29th March. And that is how it feels as Theresa May announces that she is going to invoke article 50 and commence the Brexit process on that date.

According to the Guardian, European sources have made clear that Britain could be forced to wait until June to embark on formal talks.

Theresa May has made it known that she wants to leave the single market which will be a disaster for the United Kingdom's economy in the view of many experts. Her stance also threatens the future of the union.

The Liberal Democrats are the only UK-wide political party opposed to this process and arguing for us to stay in the single market. We want to see a referendum on the final deal so that people can judge whether what they are being presented with is what they originally voted for.

We will now have to see how negotiations go.
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