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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hans Blix slams Blair on Iraq's missing chemical weapons

For those of us waiting for the publication of the Chilcott report on the Iraq war, a BBC documentary tonight might prove to be a useful appetizer. In it former weapons inspector Hans Blix claims that Tony Blair “did not represent the reality” in relation to Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction ahead of the 2003 invasion. In other words Mr. Blair misled us all:

Mr Blix did not suggest the former PM acted in bad faith, adding: “Many people bring themselves to believe something that they want to believe."

The Swedish diplomat and politician added: "I think Blair had a feeling that this was an evil regime and that it was a moral thing to do away with it.

"And I don't think that's an evil thought, but I think it was a presumptuous thought that the UK and the US alone should do that."

None of this is news of course but it is good to have it confirmed by an expert who was in the front line of weapons inspection at the time. Will the Chilcott report contain stronger criticism? We will have to see.
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