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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Climate change deniers put in charge of Assembly's Climate Change Committee

The news that UKIP have been handed the chair of the Assembly's Climate Change Committee has naturally caused outrage around Wales. After all this is the party which publicly denies the existence of man-made climate change.

Quite how the new chair  is going to reconcile that belief with the evidence that he will be presented with is difficult to see. I do not share the view of some that he may be won over to a different viewpoint.

What exactly was going through the minds of party business managers when they decided on the allocation of chairs will forever remain a mystery.

However, the situation could have been worse, they might have put UKIP in charge of the committee responsible for equalities.
Firstly this isn't the "Climate Change Committee" it's a committee that covers Environment, Rural Affairs and Climate Change - three important topics for Wales.

Whilst most of the Welsh political bubble seem to be opposing this, and equally ignoring rural affairs and the environment aspects, they are the same people who were in denial about UKIP winning seats and simply chose to ignore the prospect of it until the 'exit poll' came out at 10:30 on polling night.

UKIP were always going to get a committee chair, Reckless is out of the 7 UKIP AMs probably the most qualified and crucially capable individual to chair a committee, regardless of its remit.

Rather than make light of this, why are Labour, Plaid and The Conservative not planning on using this opportunity to out vote Reckless/UKIP and ensure that Climate Change is referenced heavily in every report? Between those three parties they had some significant environmental pledges in their 2016 manifesto and personally I think the environment is too important to allow petty political squabbling they should work together and change things for the better rather than look inwards at an internal appointment.
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