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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Why can't Cameron resist undermining his own arguments?

Just when it looked like he had got his way on bombing Syria, David Cameron lost his way with a throwaway comment that diverted attention from his case and presented a lifeline to his opponents. Others have labelled it as a 'Flashman tendency', I prefer to just question his judgement.

Whatever, the context the labelling of those who do not want to bomb Syria as a “bunch of terrorist sympathisers” was ill-judged, unjustified and inaccurate.

As the Telegraph outlines, the backlash raised fears among Tory MPs that Mr Cameron’s words had given Labour MPs another reason not to vote for military action, and there was speculation that his majority in tonight’s vote would not be as large as he had hoped.

This is not the first time that off-the-cuff comments by the Prime Minister have thrown his agenda off-kilter. He really needs to get a grip and show some respect for his office.
Screw Cameron. The only reason that Labour MPs needed to vote against bombing is that its a damned stupid idea - according to a NATO general. What's the Lib Dem excuse for backing it.
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