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Friday, December 18, 2015

How Corbyn is changing the Labour Party

Despite resistance from MPs, the evidence is that the nature of the Labour Party is changing dramatically under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

It is not just the new members who have been attracted to the party by Corbyn, or even the growth of Momentum and the threat of deselection for dissident MPs, but also, as this article relates, the exit of tens of thousands of long-standing members, disillusioned at the direction the party has set for itself.

The article says that Lord Peter Mandelson told a meeting of Labour peers: "30,000 long term members have left the Labour party, real members, tens of thousands. There are now two Labour parties." He warned Jeremy Corbyn the "real members" of Labour are leaving the party in their tens of thousands:

The former Cabinet minister warned the new Labour leader that long standing members had left the party in recent months and that a fundamental split was emerging among supporters.

Lord Mandelson said "two parties" were emerging under his leadership, one formed of his own hard- left supporters and the other by the more moderate members.

He told the new Labour leader that the "real members of the Labour family" were abandoning the party since his election.

As MPs brace themselves for a purge of more moderate members from the Shadow Cabinet, it seems that for many the party they joined may not exist in a year's time.
Peter Mandelson on being divisive? Bit of hypocrisy here you would surely agree?
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