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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Carswell unearths the UKIP bullies

The row within UKIP rumbles on with its sole MP accusing party officials of effectively trying to blackmail him in an attempt to pull him into line.

Politics Home says that Mr. Carswell learnt yesterday that a secretly recorded Ukip call regarding allegations into his private life have been circulated in his constituency:

The call was made after Mr Carswell had a row with party secretary Matthew Richardson over parliamentary funding for opposition parties shortly after the general election.

Mr Carswell said he later learned Mr Richardson, who apparently threatened him, was “sent” by Mr Farage.

He later received a call from a “senior Ukip official” asking “grossly intrusive questions” about his private life.

“The suggestions made were preposterous,” Mr Carswell told the Mail on Sunday.

“Either they were stupid enough to believe them, and wanted to scare me into silence by letting me know that they knew about it, or they were threatening me with the spread of false rumours.

“Either way, it could be construed as blackmail by dark forces.”

Never mind Christmas television, this budding civil war between UKIPs highest profile figures could be the best entertainment on show for some time.
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