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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The economic reality for Scotland of a 'yes' vote

Whatever the polls may say, and at the moment nothing can be certain as to how the Scottish referendum will turn out on Thursday, there is no escaping the economic reality that will follow a 'yes' vote.

The BBC underline this today with their report that the Royal Bank of Scotland has confirmed that it will relocate its registered headquarters to London if Scotland votes for independence next week.

A statement from the bank says that it believes it would be "necessary to re-domicile the bank's holding company".In a letter to staff, the bank's chief executive said there was no intention to move operations or jobs.

Of course this is not a unanimous view amongst businesses in Scotland but it is an indication of the economic uncertainty that the referendum is causing.
So now the Unionist turn to the Banker who got us into the financial mess in the first Place

That’s RBS squandered every penny of taxpayers’ rescue cash after racking up £46 billion in losses since the financial crisis. That equated to more than £1,500 for every taxpayer in the UK.

So, it’s these plonkers (who are apparently headquartered in London anyway) who the people in Scotland are being asked to consider as shrewd and wise financial experts and as a rock of security.

You might as well ask King Herod to advise on nursery Provision.
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