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Friday, September 19, 2014

Statement by Welsh Economy Minister on blue badges

Controversy over the blue badge scheme continues to dominate my work. Here is the response of the Minister for Economy Science and Transport to the issues I raised in my short debate at the end of last term:

Dear Peter

I noticed that during the recent Scottish Independence Referendum campaign, your party leader, along with those of the Conservative and Unionist Party and the Labour Party, made a pledge that there would be a timetable for more devolved powers. In one of your Better Together campaign leaflets, the people of Scotland were told that “The day after a no vote the tmetable for further powers will be published as a motion before the UK Parliament. All UK parties will support the motion”.

I appreciate that you are all very busy down there in Westminster but respectfully note that this day has now passed and no parliamentary motion seems to have been forthcoming. Could you please let me know when we might expect to see the “UK parties” publish their motion? Thank you.

Kind regards
Robert Tyler

This is off topic so I will not be allowing other comments regarding it on this thread.

I am not in Westminster so I don't know.
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