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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pre-nups for pups?

Whatever next? The Telegraph reports that an annimal charity has produced an official document for couples to decide what will happen to their pet should they split up.

They say that the Blue Cross, an animal re-homing charity, has produced the official document for couples declaring what will happen to their pet should they split up. It also states the ownership, responsibilities and rights of a pet in the event of a marriage break up.

The charity has found that one in four divorced couples in the UK has argued over the ownership of their pets when they split up, with 66 per cent admitting that a pet nup would have made the process easier. In addition figures have also revealed that break-ups have been the cause of almost a thousand pets being given up to Blue Cross’ re-homing centers over the past five years- an average of four pets a week.

To be fair this is a serious problem and needs addressing. Pets can also end up in the middle in domestic abuse situations as well, with victims reluctant to leave their dog or cat behind and thus hanging on in an abusive relationship longer than they would otherwise do.
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