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Monday, September 01, 2014

In praise of Newport

Yesterday's Observer carries an editorial supposedly to correct the confusion felt by many English journalists between Newport and Cardiff. They are right, muddling up the two is no laughing matter, but couldn't they have researched the article a bit better?

The comments point out two further errors within the article itself. The first is that the parody song Newport State of Mind is nothing to do with Goldie Lookin' Chain as the paper claims. In fact the lyrics reference a number of things that are nothing to do with Newport. That is why Goldie Lookin' Chain recorded a response Newport State of Mind (You're not from Newport).

Secondly, they refer to Newport as a town when it is a City. They also illustrate the article with the a picture of the City's iconic transporter bridge without even mentioning it. And as for suggesting that the City's inhabitants are confused as to whether they are Welsh or English they really should go there during a rugby international.

In fact these journalists need to spend more time in Wales so that they can better know what they are writing about.
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