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Saturday, July 12, 2014

No collusion says Carwyn

Contrary to my little conspiracy theory on Wednesday, the First Minister has now stated that he is satisfied that no employees of Welsh Labour colluded with sacked Cabinet Minister Alun Davies when he sought information about farming subsidies paid to five opposition AMs.

He told the Western Mail that  “I have spoken to party officials about these allegations. It is clear to me that there is absolutely no truth in them whatsoever. If Kirsty Williams has one shred of evidence, beyond some anonymous comments she has seen in the media, she needs to come forward with that information. It is incredibly irresponsible for political parties to make these sorts of accusations with nothing to support them.”

Well that is alright then. Except that the paper then goes on to report that Mr Jones told the BBC he could not defend or explain Mr Davies’ actions, and the former Minister had also been unable to explain it to him when questioned:

He said: “The only conclusion you can draw, and the only conclusion that any reasonable person can draw, is that he wanted to use that information against the named members

“I drew that conclusion, the public are going to draw that conclusion and on that basis I’m afraid he could not remain in the Government.”

So really, he does not actually know whether there was a conspiracy or not. Furthermore he admits that the natural conclusion any reasonable person would draw is that there was a conspiracy. Very convincing!
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