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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Labour, in the hands of the unions?

In a move designed to cauise major problems for Ed Miliband, a senior Unite official has claimed that trade unions are demanding a dedicated seat at the Cabinet table under a Labour government.

The Telegraph reports that Steve Turner, the assistant general secretary of Unite, has been recorded saying the appointment of a Secretary of State heading a new Ministry for Labour was a “fundamental element” of any “new deal” with the Labour Party:

Unite has donated £12 million to Labour since Ed Miliband became leader, making it the biggest single donor. The Tories claim the funding gives trade unions undue sway of policy and candidates.

Mr Turner, a close ally of Mr McCluskey, told a meeting at Unite’s policy conference in Liverpool that the union is seeking a change in the law to make it easier to call strikes.

It also demands for greater powers for unions inside companies, he claimed.

If any of this is true the Tories will have a field day at the next General Election. |It is one thing having the party funded by the trade unions, quite another to have them effectively running any Labour Government that may be elected.

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