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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Danny Alexander gets tough on the Tories

The Times reports that the Liberal Democrats are to shatter the coalition truce on the economy through a summer offensive to gain credit for the Lib Dems for an upturn which this week saw the economy surpass the size it was before the crash of 2008-9.

More significantly, and possibly with more chance of success, the party will seek to counter  the Chancellor of the Exchequer's attempts to claim credit for raising the rate at which people pay the basic rate of income tax, to £10,500, which is a flagship Lib Dem policy.

The paper report that the Liberal Democrats will seek to counter Conservatives claims that George Osborne is responsible for the tax cut:

Alexander and sources close to Nick Clegg say they had to “fight tooth and nail” to get their way. “We have battled hard within the coalition to make sure our priority on income tax has been delivered ahead of other things,” Alexander said.

“Cutting income tax is only in the coalition agreement because of the Liberal Democrats. It has only been delivered because Nick Clegg and I have battled every step of the way to make that happen.”
Another senior Lib Dem said: “The Tories always wanted to spend the money on something else.”

Perhaps we will also be saying what we plan to do in the next Parliament as well.
Noting of course that the Tories were first to break the truce over nuclear missiles and human rights.

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