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Friday, August 16, 2013

The real face of UKIP?

There was an interesting development in the last few days on the UKIP front when it transpired that two former Conservative MPs, Rod Richards and Neil Hamilton, who had been considered by some to be certainties for selection to represent their new party in next year's European Elections, had failed to be selected.

It was a sign perhaps that their membership was asserting itself, something that occasionally happens in more mature political parties. Their problem however, is that the membership more often puts its collective foot in it than it does sensible things like reject leadership favourites.

Incidents like this one, reported in the Telegraph are cropping up more and more often. In this case it is the party's Treasurer who has expressed the view that Women's failure to beat men at chess, bridge and poker means that companies should not be forced to give them seats on boards:

Stuart Wheeler, the party's treasurer, said that women were "absolutely nowhere" when they compete with men in sports where they are not physically disadvantaged.

His comments were immediately condemned as "disingenuous" and sexist by other delegates at a debate on "gender quotas" in London last night.

It comes after Godfrey Bloom, a Ukip MEP, suggested that Britain should not be giving aid to countries in "bongo bongo" land.

Mr Wheeler said: “I would just like to challenge the idea that it is necessary to have a lot of women or a particular number on a board.

"Business is very, very competitive and you should take the performance of women in another competitive area, which is sport where [men] have no strength advantage.

“Chess, bridge, poker – women come absolutely nowhere. I think that just has to be borne in mind.”

With friends like that, why do UKIP need enemies?
It's obvious that he is saying that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses and that enforcing quotas to try and defy nature is the wrong thing to do. Whether you like it or not, men and women are different. It's the same throughout the animal kingdom, it's just a trait of evolution. If you weren't too busy trying to score political points against the party that's driven the Lib Dems into fourth place you might be able to think rationally about such things.
@stuart parr
But the point is that women have great strengths in business that are needed on boards and have nothing to do with chess, poker etc. Thinking logically, dispassionately and coolly is often one of those strengths. Being constructive, rather than getting involved in silly personal vendettas, is another.
I'd like to see him take on Judit Polgar at chess or Victoria Coren Mitchell at poker.

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