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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The caring sharing Lib Dem Chief Whip

On Politics Home, Paul Waugh refers to an interview with the Liberal Democrats MP for Cardiff Central and party whip, Jenny Willott in which she recounts her experience as a new mother in the House of Commons. 

The Ad Lib magazine article to which he refers suggests that the Liberal Democrats Chief Whip, Alistair Carmichael may be a bit more hands-on than previously thought:

"When Toby was six months old, Carmichael was looking after him in the Whips' Office while Willott was in the House of Commons chamber. Carmichael was halfway through changing the baby's nappy when the Permanent Secretary for the Whips' operation at Number 9 Downing Street walked in. "Alistair was kneeling on the floor, changing Toby's nappy and he said that the look on the man's face said 'Oh my God, I just knew the Lib Dems were going to be like this!' I don't think there are many Chief Whips who would be so hands-on."

Thank goodness I was never put in that position when I was the Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Group whip.
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