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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Pressure builds on Ed Miliband

Evidence that the Labour Party under Ed Miliband's leadership is growing ever more fractious is growing following an article by Swansea West MP, Geraint Davies which argues that his leader needs to provide a “compelling case” to the electorate on why the country would be better off under Labour and come up with a more effective response to Conservative attacks.

According to the Western Mail,  Mr. Davies believes that Labour are not getting their message across:

 “The party’s challenge is to provide a compelling case as to why Britain would be better off with Labour.

“Firstly, the problem is that the electorate doesn’t yet see a clear choice between the parties on cuts vs growth. Secondly, the Tories have been relentless in asserting that Labour messed up the economy.

“Not rebutting this charge makes us look like a shamefaced schoolboy admitting responsibility by omission. And if we don’t rebut the accusation, it will simply amplify as the election approaches.”

The Swansea West MP added: “Labour needs to set out a vision of a stronger Britain that provides the economic confidence to invest and consume to stimulate jobs and growth.

“The Conservatives have been busy trying to recreate the political choices of the 1980s – between an ’all heart and no mind’ Labour which would tax and spend Britain into bankruptcy vs the hard-nosed business sense of the Tories making tough choices in the nation’s interests.

“Labour needs to talk the talk of UK plc – boosting the UK’s productive capacity by linking industry, universities and councils.

“We need a sharper focus on the growing export opportunities to China, India, Brazil and Russia. We must invest in homes and transport, use public procurement as an engine to grow small and medium-sized firms.”

Mr Davies said next year’s European election campaign would offer the opportunity to put policies on growth and jobs “centre stage”.

He added: “We need to continue a journey towards jobs and growth, not to be diverted into a cul-de-sac of more cuts.”

Geraint's problem is that the those at the top of the Labour hierarchy have correctly assessed that the approach of denying the deficit and trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for the economic mess we are in, is not convincing the swing voters that they need to win the next election.

Outright opposition to cuts, which Ed Balls has now embraced may have some resonance in South Wales but it is not working in middle England.
Don't confuse a reselection speech by the member for Swansea West with a policy intervention. The fact that he got his speech published during recess - so that the whips can't get to him - shows the mettle of the man.
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