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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Most hated building?

The Independent reports that six architectural firms will be on the edge of their seat on Friday as they wait to hear whether their building has won the 2013 Carbuncle Cup, the award bestowed on Britain's ugliest building.

The favourite for architecture's wooden spoon is apparently Castle Mill housing at Port Meadow, Oxford. The paper says that the Frankham Consultancy Group-designed complex for Oxford University graduates has been nominated more times than any other building in the cup's history after being erected on a beauty spot, much to local people's fury.

Other contenders include the Redcar Beacon, also known as the Vertical Pier, and the Porth Eirias Watersports Centre in Colwyn Bay, Wales, known not-so-affectionately as "the dumpster" by locals.
There are three London buildings in the mix. These are the UCL student housing in Islington, a Premier Inn at Waterloo and the Avant Garde Tower in Bethnal Green.

Is the Porth Eirias Watersports Centre really the ugliest building in Wales?  Personally I have never been there so I am not in a position to judge. These things are subjective anyway. Other views welcome.
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