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Monday, August 05, 2013

Give us the evidence on plain packaging and minimum pricing

This morning's Western Mail reports that Wales' Health Minister is investigating whether Wales could go it alone on major public health issues such as plain cigarette packaging and a minimum price for alcohol. His action comes after the UK Government refused to proceed with these measures, preferring instead to get more evidence as to their efficacy.

As somebody who has never smoked and is virtually teetotal I am always wary of pontificating on these issues if I can help it. However, it strikes me that if we are going to proceed down a legislative route we should at least have some evidence to prove that what we are proposing to do will meet the objectives set for it.

I have set out at some lengths on this blog my scepticism on minimum pricing, the same applies to plain packaging for cigarettes. Let us see the evidence that adopting such a measure will make a positive contribution to the public health agenda.

I have an open mind, it is up to advocates to prove their case.
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