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Friday, August 30, 2013

Eric Pickles on tour

Some light relief after last night's Commons fiasco over Syria, the Independent has highlighted one of the more unusal road trips of the summer.

The paper reports that two Conservative-voting British students are taking a cardboard cutout of Local Communities and Government Secretary, Eric Pickles around the United States:

He has been photographed sunbathing in Crawfordville, Florida (fully dressed: he's no fool), snapped striding past bikini-wearers on Miami Beach, briefcase firmly tucked under arm), and was recently seen standing strong on Atlantic beach next to a Union Flag. (No surprise there: Eric Pickles loves flags. Supporters will be delighted to see that his enthusiasm stretches past St George's Day and well into August.) Oh, and he popped up in Olustee Battlefield, standing on some artillery from Civil War times.

He has the look of a man who means business, unflappable in any setting. And well he might, because he's been doing his tour as a near-life size cardboard cut-out of himself, courtesy of university students James Johnson (Oxford) and Daniel Falvey (Nottingham), both 21, who have taken it upon themselves to cart him around America this month. Both Conservative voters, they claim to genuinely admire Pickles: “He has a lot of gravitas, and he's a funny man,” Johnson says, on the phone from Florida. “What better way to spice up our American road trip than bringing along the man himself?”

There is no accounting for taste.
He's the best man the Tories have! He's a liberal in disguise and pulled the notorious Carmarthenshire Council up recently for taking that poor woman to court
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