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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cannabis found among Newport street pot plants

A late entry to story of the week comes from the BBC who report that Council officials in the City of Newport, South Wales are trying to discover who planted cannabis in flower pots put out to brighten up the city centre.

They say that more than 20 of the illegal plants were discovered nestling amongst begonias and petunias in the street flower displays, but by the time police were told and went to examine the specimens they had already been harvested:

"I had never seen cannabis growing in the wild before so it was crazy to see it," said local businessman Dean Beddis, who made the discovery.

"It's actually rather a beautiful plant and stood out wonderfully. But they have gone now. I don't know who took them."

The leafy pot plants were growing in open view of passers-by on some of the city's busiest streets.

Newport councillor Rhys Hutchings, also a member of the band Goldie Lookin Chain, said he thought local teenagers were to blame.

"It's either kids or the Newport underworld community - I'm pretty sure it's not Alan Titchmarsh," he joked.

The Council are checking CCTV coverage to try and identify the culprits and have notified the police. However, as the police spokesperson says, unless they actually have the plants they do not know if they are even cannabis.
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