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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Cable to act on zero hours contracts

The BBC reports on concerns by Business Secretary, Vince Cable that there is "some exploitation" of staff on zero hour contracts which give no guarantees of shifts or work patterns.

He was speaking after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found up to 4% of the UK workforce were on such contracts following a survey of 1,000 firms:

"I think at one end of the market there is some exploitation taking place," said Mr Cable.

However, he pointed out that in many cases the level of flexibility offered by the contracts suited employees. "It can work for the worker as well as the employer," he told the BBC.

Mr Cable has been leading a review on the issue for the government since June and will decide in September whether to hold a formal consultation on specific proposals.

The fact that the Government is looking at this issue is welcome, though there is a need to retain some flexibility. Let's hope they don't take too long over it.
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