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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Poor diets and scurvy

Reports in today's media that wartime diseases are returning to Britain because some children are living on junk food diets that are worse for them than rationing was 70 years ago, are not new but that does make them any less shocking.

Wales in particular appears to be suffering badly from this phenomenon, with obesity amongst youngsters at an all-time high.

The Telegraph says that cases of scurvy and rickets have been on the rise in parts of the UK where some parents rely on takeaways and microwave meals to feed the family. They add that dietitians in the Rhondda Valley have reported an increase in both diseases, which many thought had been consigned to history.

They refer to findings that suggest that since the start of the credit crisis, consumption of fruit and vegetables has fallen in the UK at a faster rate than in western Europe as a whole, eastern Europe and the US. On average, each person in Britain is eating 8lb 13oz (4kg) less fruit and vegetables a year than in 2007, a drop of 3 per cent.

Having identified the problem we now need to find solutions. That is not easy. This is not just about money but culture as well. If we cannot re-educate parents then perhaps we need to start in the schools by providing yet more fruit and healthy snacks to balance out what children are not getting at home.
or we can regulate things like "red sauce" (ketchup) - u seen the side of a packet of cornflakes here in the USA? Every vitamin and ingredient known to man (and not usually found in dry cornflakes) find their way into cornflakes purchased at supermarkets - check how much iron you get eating cornflakes - almost 50% of your daily requirement of iron.

So here's another "That was easy" tip: require red sauce makers to add xyz to their sauce including the vitamins to render scurvy moot" ...

There, "That was Easy" ... tee tum ... "no bollocks"...

PS do the same for all sauces that kids like to put on their junk food ... eeee by gum ...
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