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Monday, July 01, 2013

Gesture politics

The decision by both Labour and Liberal Democrats MPs to boycott a vote later this week on a private members bill, which will call for a referendum on membership of the European Community, was further justified today by an official House of Commons analysis that warned that the legislation, if passed could have little legal relevance as it could be ignored by a future government. In other words, what we have been saying all along, that a Parliament cannot bind its successors.

The Telegraph says that the analysis concludes that it “would not appear possible to hold the referendum” without the further agreement of both Houses of Parliament after the next election to set the date and terms of a future vote and that this effectively makes the bill irrelevant.

It is no coincidence that Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, will today launch a campaign calling for Britain to remain in the EU.

British Influence, a pro-EU organisation, will highlight business support for Britain’s continuing membership. Vince Cable will tell the launch that membership gives Britain access to the world’s largest trading bloc and deals with other countries.

“Through successful trade negotiations we are opening up new markets for British companies to grow, as well as improving existing ones. Let’s be clear. Leaving the EU is neither a good nor a realistic economic option for this country.”

More egg on the face for the Euro sceptics.
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