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Friday, June 28, 2013

This and the price of tea

Whilst we are on the Western Mail, I note that somebody has written in to complain that a cup of tea costs £2.90 at Cardiff Wales airport. They argue that as the airport is now owned by the taxpayer then the tea should be cheaper.

Has the Welsh Government's freebie culture finally rebounded on them?
I would hazard a guess that the cup of tea in question was served by a retail outlet that rents space to serve, inter alia, cups of tea.

I would question why anyone would fly from Rhoose Airport - it's a dump with a capital D, a trashy airport with at capital T and treats seniors like they should be shot (but hung and quartered first).

Call this an airport????? It's a joke of an airport - should have lost its operating license ages ago for the despicable way it treats seniors - my mum caught taxis to Heathrow to save herself from Rhoose airport.

This has to be one of the worst airports this side of Mars, and I am being generous here. cw
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