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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Prosperous in Europe

It may just be me but I got the feeling that former Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson was expecting a bit more support from Euro-sceptics when he recently claimed that the UK will be better off outside EU. As it is Mr. Lawson appears to be more talking to himself than speeaking for the nation.

It is amazing how once Ministers are out of office they start to support policies they failed to implement when in Government.

Nevertheless, Nick Clegg has the former Chancellor's measure. In the Guardian today, he says that continued EU membership is necessary, for security, to protect jobs and to ensure Britain's continued influence on the international stage:

"I think leaving it now would make us less safe," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "It makes us less prosperous, it jeopardises, potentially, up to 3 million jobs … it also means we'll be taken less seriously in Washington, Tokyo. … for all these reasons, I think it's the wrong thing to do … it's part of an anguished debate within the Tory party; they've had it before, they'll have it again."

The worse possible response to UKIP's success last week is a renewed debate on the future of Britain's membership of Europe. As Nigel Lawson says we need to concentrate on the economy. Membership of the European Community is integral to our chances of recovery. Leaving it would plunge our economy into further crisis.
Sorry Peter - but I guess the UKIP success has knocked you off your base - many people in the UK are sick to the back teeth of the largess they see in the admin of the EU - the recent salaries and FANTASTIC MOUTHWATERING pensions that administrators pull down at EU HQ are so HUGE that they undermine the very basis of democracy and by default the EU - Brits won't accept it - we are still in large part a Bulldog Nation and we will not accept this - if it means getting out of the EU in toto - that so be it. We won't put up with it. FINI - NO way - 'enough already'.
You would have thought that by now the UK would have sorted out the shambles that is the EU. The problem is we have not even tried except a few words now and again. At this stage it is not clear what the implications are if the UK would leave, except that jobs would suffer but we would save money.It is clear that the LibDem party is NOT quite on the same track as the rest of the poulatiuon. Clegg take note!
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