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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Progress at last on new school

Today's South Wales Evening Post reports on an important investment in my council ward with the news that a new school to replace two existing dilapidated buildings is likely to be built in the very near future. The Evening Post piece is slightly overspun by the Council officers who contributed to it but that does not change the fact that this is very good news indeed.

As the interim Director of Education says: "The current Burlais school is split across two ageing buildings which need huge amounts of investment to bring them up to modern standards fit for the 21st century." A new school is the best solution, it is just a shame that options for sites are so limited.

This investment has not happened overnight. It has come about after years of work by local councillors, officers and both the present and previous administration in putting together grant applications to the Welsh Government, identifying matching funds, approving plans and arranging the merger of the two old schools into one so that we can access and use the money as soon as possible. All three councillors have been actively involved in initiating and supporting that process.

Also Cwmbwrla Park is not rundown. There has recently been a major investment in a new play area and a shelter for older kids. Ward Councillors continue to stay on top of issues as they arise in the park. The only dereliction is the changing rooms which were burnt down four years ago and were not rebuilt partly due to the cost but mostly because this school investment was on the cards. Once they are rebuilt then football can be played in the park again as it has been for generations.

I spent the weekend delivering a leaflet to every home in the area advertising a public meeting on the Manor Road site this Thursday at 7pm. There is an exhibition at 6pm showing the extent of the plans. There is still a long way to go before this school is delivered and it is imperative that we take the community with us.
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