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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Pedantry on a Saturday

The Daily Post carries an interesting article today about a particularly embarrassing gaffe on the part of contractors at the headquarters of Flintshire County Council. It transpires that in marking out spaces for Councillors in the car park they spelt the word with only one 'l'.

The Councils has now had them back to correct the mistake but, keeping to the theme of pedantry I have to ask, did they also add in the missing apostrophe?
To continue the pedantic strain, the apostrophe is not necessary if one takes the sign to be a statement of fact. That is, the word "councillors" is a simple plural.

'Councilor' is also correct - well, around the world/USA it is.
Frank, I think strictly speaking it should be Councillors' Parking plural or not.
Well, as it stands - mind your bodice, Councillors are parking!

Using hospital parking lots as an example,

"Doctor Parking" is a term of art, the meaning is clear.

Doctors Parking: well, this is a bit like a verb.

Doctors' Parking, just looks silly.

*2 scents* ... opps *2 cents* cw
This is cool!
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