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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Hain kicks Balls

With his Severn Barrage project slowly sinking into the Severn Estuary, it seems that Peter Hain needed something else to keep him occupied yesterday so he decided to offer unsolicited advice to the Labour frontbench.

Whether Ed Balls will appreciate being told that he and his team “need to get out on the stump now and work even harder" is a valid question. A poor work rate has never been one of the Shadow Chancellor's problems, rather he needs to adjust his policies so as to accept current economic realities.

The former Secretary of State for Wales was keen to rubbish suggestions that his intervention was an attack on colleagues in Labour, however it was difficult for anybody reading his views to interpret them otherwise.

Peter Hain has become yet another of the voices-off criticising Ed Miliband and his shadow cabinet leaving the rest of us with the distinct impression that Labour is divided and fighting amongst themselves.
Shame you have to gloat about the 'sinking' of the Severn Barrage. This would have been cheaper than HS2, and deliver a massive, certain supply of green energy. It would have been an ideal Keynesian kickstarter.

But, yes. The pygmies in the coalition prefer whisking expenses paid businessmen and MPs to Brum saving 20 mins of their precious time! Ho! Ho!
I am not gloating, merely observing. My impression from talking to Lib Dem MPs and Ministers is that we will facilitate the building of a barrage if a viable scheme comes forward. Unfortunately, even an all-party select committee does not think we are there yet.
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