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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The candidate who keeps on giving

Having already commented on the misadventures of the Tory candidate for Eastleigh I note that her minders let her off the leash again with inevitable consequences.

The Daily Mirror reports that Maria Hutchings sparked a storm yesterday by saying her 12-year-old couldn’t possibly go to state school because he wanted to be a “cardio-respiratory surgeon”:

Tory Maria Hutchings, who is fighting to win the vacant seat of disgraced former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne, indicated two local schools with glowing Ofsted reports were not good enough for her boy.

She said: “William is very gifted which gives us another interesting challenge in finding the right sort of education for him – impossible in the state system. He wants to be a cardio-respiratory surgeon.”

Her comments flew in the face of inspectors’ opinions of schools in Eastleigh, Hants, a seat the Tories are hoping to win back from the Lib Dems.

One, Wildern ­comprehensive, was rated “outstanding” last year, while Thornden was ranked amongst the top performing schools in the county.

Another, Toynbee, was praised for providing an “improving standard of education, within a caring and supportive learning environment.

Naturally, we would like to hear more about this candidate's views on a whole range of subjects.
Off topic but highly relevant to Wales:

Might have something to do with the TERRIBLE issued patent output from the Welsh university system. Yeah - spending millions on research including supercomputer facilities and guess what: a pathetic issued patent rate. Christopher Wood


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