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Monday, February 18, 2013

San Francisco comes to Cardiff Bay

I note that two Labour loyallists are asking the First Minister questions about his recent trade mission to San Francisco. Clearly that is a spontaneous act on their part, independently reached and with no idea what answer they might get. Will Carwyn be wearing flowers in his hair?

I once had to see a patent lawyer on the Pacific Highway - about an hour or so south of SF. So I flew into SF airport; I took my mum, she wanted to go across the Golden Gate bridge and drive down the hill that Steve McQueen raced down in Bullitt – so we did both!

SF is so VERY expensive - unless you are rich (and then free to walk around all day with flowers in your hair) you’re working your butt off or packing up to move somewhere cheaper (unemployment is an issue in SF - if you can't work it's better to move someplace else with lower living costs).

Love SF - but like Manhattan – I would never work or live there. I like to live on top of where I work as I don’t like driving distances. As much as I love San Francisco, living outside SF and driving to a job is a no go for me.

One big positive for SF – it’s cool – so hardly need a/c. cw

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