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Monday, February 25, 2013

Recognition needed for Swans Chairman after cup triumph

Like most of Swansea I am still on cloud nine after the outstanding out come of the Capital One Cup Final yesterday. It was an outstanding performance and shows how far the Swans have come in the last ten years. I am gutted that I have Assembly commitments on Tuesday and will not be able to attend the victory parade and civic reception.

Having been a Councillor in the City for the best part of 29 years I can recall most of the highlights and the low moments of the clubs history in that period. This includes the near-bankruptcy of the club, the deal struck with the Council on the Vetch so that the club could use it as security for a loan and of course that fateful match ten years ago when we were 90 minutes away from going out of the football league altogether.

I attended some of the initial meetings of the supporters trust, though I did not have the time to do more than offer moral support. However that organisation and the business consortium which took over the Swans made a huge difference, both to the way the club is run and to its prospects.

A constant throughout those ten years has been club chairman, Huw Jenkins. His prudent management has helped to put the club on a firm financial footing, whilst his philosophy and his ability to pick managers has been instrumental both to the Swans' footballing success to the way that they play, which has received universal praise.

If anybody deserves to be recognised for his contribution to football, to the Swans and to Swansea it is Huw Jenkins. Perhaps we should start a campaign to ensure that he gets that recognition in the next honours' list.
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