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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A taxing ambition

As I set off to Eastleigh to help the Liberal Democrats hold onto Chris Huhne's former seat, it seems appropriate to highlight this article in yesterday's Independent which sets out the party's ambition to take even more low earners out of tax altogether.

The paper says that our next manifesto is likely to contain a plan to raise the tax-free personal allowance to close to £13,000. Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, wants us to ensure that nobody earning the minimum wage should have to pay tax.

That is a proposal that shows up Labour's lack of ambition.
Don't spoil it for the party Peter. Stories I'm hearing is that the Lib Dem tax free allowance manifesto commitment is likely to be £12,000. If you over promise the eventual announcement will be a disappointment!! Personally, I too have always been keen on lifting people out of tax altogether, and prefer it as a policy to introduction of a 10p tax rate.
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