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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Playground tactics on AWEMA

Labour's response to the AWEMA crisis has fluctuated wildly between embarrassed silence and over-the-top tit-for-tat name calling. A good example is this response from one of their publicly-paid spin-doctors:

There was strong criticism of the Welsh Government in the chamber this afternoon when opposition parties forced an urgent question but surprisingly the Conservative, Plaid Cymru and Liberal Democrat leaders didn't raise it in First Minister's Questions.

A government source has seized on this, saying:

“Opposition parties clearly chickened-out of confronting the First Minister over AWEMA during FMQs this afternoon. The WAO report scuppered their attempt to smear the Government on this issue. They have failed miserably.

Perhaps the real reason it was not raised in First Minister's questions was because an urgent question had been granted immediately after that event. However, if we turn the government's comment on its head for a minute, would not a more valid question be:

"If Labour consider this issue to be so important that only the First Minister can answer on it (and I would not disagree on that), then why was he not put up to answer the urgent question? More to the point why did he not stay in the chamber for the urgent question?"

I am sure that the First Minister will have his opprotunity to be scrutinised on this matter.
Way over the top. Some of these Government and Welsh Labour "sources" come across as being really weird and macho in their anonymous statements.
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