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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Labour's control freakery rears it head again

In political circles the Labour Party is notorious for its control freakery, dating back I suppose to jokes about the way Peter Mandelson used to manage MPs.

However, if the stories about Ed Miliband having his phone confiscated after he texted Vince Cable are true, then they have managed to surpass themselves.

Sky News say that the Labour leader disclosed earlier last month that he had been secretly wooing the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary with text messages:

His admission infuriated Labour left-wingers and veterans Dennis Skinner and Ken Livingstone protested angrily at a meeting of the party's national executive committee on Tuesday.

But according to one member of the party's ruling body, the Labour leader stunned NEC members by responding: "They've taken my phone away."

One NEC member told Sky News: "They've changed his mobile phone. He now has a different phone with a different number. Someone else now has his number. When I tried to text Ed, someone else replied."

Apparently, Vince Cable still has his phone.

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