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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pantomine villains

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Conference in Wrexham at the weekend got a fair bit of coverage, not least for Kirsty Williams' portrayal of Shadow Welsh Secretary, Peter Hain as an old Labour dinosaur for his sudden and dramatic conversion from an advocate of the alternative vote to one of calling for the whole Welsh Assembly to be elected by first past the post. As Kirsty pointed out that would have led to Labour having two thirds of the seats on 42% of the vote.

In today's South Wales Evening Post, Peter Hain responded rather lamely by calling Kirsty a pantomine character. This led me to thinking (purely out of fun, you understand) as to how the leading players in Welsh politics would fit into such a drama.

Inevitably, Peter Hain would have to be the wicked stepmother, with Carwyn Jones and Andrew R.T. Davies as the ugly stepsisters. Kirsty, of course would be Cinderella, eventually getting the Prince, whilst Ieuan Wyn Jones could be Buttons. That leaves David Jones and Cheryl Gillan as one end each of the pantomine horse, but let's not go there.

All in all it is a pretty silly analogy but one that could offer endless fun on a rainy day.
Having been involved in pantomimes and community theatre since 1996, I would make the following assessments:

Principal Girl: Ieuan Wyn Jones AM (Plaid, Ynys Môn)
Principal Boy: Rosemary Butler AM (Lab, Newport West)
Dame: Carwyn Jones AM (Lab, Bridgend)
Baron Hardup: Simon Thomas AM (Plaid, Mid and West)
Pantomime Cow: William Powell AM (Lib Dem, Mid and West) at the front and Peter Black AM (Lib Dem, South West) at the back
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