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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The lies they tell about the Liberal Democrats

With the imminent vote in the House of Commons on an in-out referendum regarding the European Union causing yet another Tory Party split, it seems that the one thing that both Labour and the Tories can unite on is that the failure of the Liberal Democrats to support such a plebiscite is yet another broken promise on the part of Nick Clegg.

As ever though this is a massive misrepresentation, in fact it is a lie. What the Liberal Democrat manifesto actually said is this:

"Liberal Democrats therefore remain committed to an IN/OUT referendum the next time a British Government signs up for fundamental change in the relationship between the UK and the EU."

As the Government has not signed up to such a fundamental change, a referendum is clearly unnecessary and by not supporting one the Liberal Democrats remain within both the letter and the spirit of their manifesto promise.

Having said that it is also worth pointing out once more that the Liberal Democrats do not have a majority in the House of Commons and therefore cannot implement their manifesto in any case without the support of another party.

The programme they are signed up to is the Coalition Agreement and that too, does not envisage supporting a manifesto in the current circumstances.
I am noticing how many times the other parties, and the media, look for headline-grabbing "facts" which are either not true, or are twisted out of context, regarding the Liberal Democrats.
The overall impression given to the voting public is thus skewed, and it takes considerable effort for voters to find out the true facts.
This is not good for democracy.
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