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Monday, April 18, 2011

Really dodgy Tory bar chart

I am more than content to admit that one or two Liberal Democrat bar charts have been a bit suspect in the past but even I was shocked by this one. It has appeared on a Conservative leaflet in Swansea West. This is especially so after receiving a lecture via twitter from the former Welsh Conservative AM for South Wales Central, Andrew R.T. Davies about how awful my party is in this regard. It seems that we cannot compete with the Welsh Tories.

The Swansea West Conservative leaflet is notable for two things. Firstly, there is the complete absence of Welsh Tory Leader Nick Bourne again and secondly, the bar chart inside the leaflet, which juxtaposes two elections so as to contrive to create a two horse race between Labour and the Conservatives.

What they have done is to take the Tory vote in the 2010 General Election, when they came third and the Welsh Liberal Democrats pushed Labour to within 500 votes, and put it next to the Labour and Welsh Liberal Democrat votes in the 2007 Assembly election, when the turnout was much lower. In that Assembly election the Tories again came third and the Welsh Liberal Democrats came second, 1,511 behind Labour.

As a result they have created a hybrid election result in which they are just ahead of Labour. So much for Andrew R.T. Davies taking the moral high ground.
problem is ordinary voters will not perceive what you have done
That's fabulously awful! Never even considered putting different elections together in one bar chart.
I live in Swansea and I've had a Tory leaflet showing how the Tory Candidate if elected will work with Swansea's Tory Councillors picturing the candidate with Smiles Thomas & Bony Colburn & the Hoody guy, but no picture or mention of Kinzett or Granny Smith. Has Kinzett given up on Swansea because it seems as if Swansea Tories have given up on kinzett?
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