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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clash of egos

If there is one thing David Cameron needs to learn about cats, it is that they have egos bigger than any politician (or actor for that matter) and that they like being the centre of attention, but only when it suits them. Okay, that was two things.

This lesson is beginning to be learnt in 10 Downing Street. Today's Daily Telegraph has a picture of Larry being forcibly removed by a civil servant after he tried to gatecrash a photocall between David Cameron and actor, Kevin Spacey, who is the artistic director of the Old Vic.

Presumably, they want Larry to concentrate on catching rats. The cat clearly has other ideas.
I suspected all along that Larry had been chosen for his looks and his ability to pose. It turns out that he has the film star temperament, too.

By the way, is Kevin Spacey a cat person?
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