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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Simon Hughes MP and the first class train carriage

Today's Guardian letters page contains an interesting postscript to the row over Nicholas Winteron's comments on first class rail travel. At least one member of the public thinks that MPs should have that privilege:

Not too long ago I sat near Simon Hughes MP in a standard-class carriage on a train (Tory calls first-class ban 'infuriating', 19 February). It was my intention to nod the journey away. No chance. Hughes never stopped working. He received and made countless phone calls, was up and down to access his briefcase and spoke to everyone who recognised him. While I admire his work ethic and cheerful disposition, I would have gladly contributed to a fund to have him upgraded to first class.

Andrew Lynch
St Helens, Merseyside

they should bring back the roofless underclass carriages on trains so the unemployed, unemployable, downright happily lazy, tory M.P.'s , council leaders and crap journalists can ride for low fares!
I wonder whether Simon was on the train he was scheduled to catch or a later one?

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