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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Welsh Assembly leads the way on expenses - again

The Welsh Assembly Commission has once more set the pace on reforming allowances for elected politicians by launching a consultation on legislation that will take control of pay and allowances out of our hands and give it to an independent remuneration body instead.

The measure, which will go before an Assembly Committee for scrutiny shortly proposes:

The establishment of a five-member remuneration board;

The transfer of responsibility for AMs’ salaries, allowances and pensions from the National Assembly for Wales to the board;

The selection of potential board members by the clerk of the Assembly, with appointments made by the Assembly Commission;

The setting of a fixed five-year term for the board, with membership limited to two terms; and

The restriction on the board to only set pay once every four years.

This is one initiative the House of Commons should follow as soon as possible.
It was good to hear you on Called To Order as I was driving home on Friday. I never thought Liberal Democrat posters would ever be used to hide someone's modesty! I thought Helen Mary talked some sense - she sounds like a leader.
Mary Helen was great sadly power corrupts, she is more new labour now then Plaid. but in the end expenses was something abused by most, and now placing paper over the cracks will do little to hide the facts, a hell of a lot of MP's are even more dirty then those scrounging benefits cheats.
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