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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water, water everywhere

According to the BBC Obama's decision to bomb the moon was not in vain after all. Apparently, scientists have found significant quantities of water up there. But what have they started?

Could the monsoon-like weather we are now experiencing be a retaliatory strike by the Clangers?
How ill-informed!

Surely everyone knows that the Clangers inhabit "a small grey planet in dark space".

It's probably the Cybermen!
Apparently, bombing the moon produced some twenty five gallons of water to be released, I've done a "bomb" from the side of a swimming pool and kicked up more water into the air!
What about the Soup Dragon's caldron, Was that hit?
Do not tell Brown this for god sake, he will invade the moon next
I hear that the Welsh Assembly want to build a large straw. Plenty of suckers around.
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