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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Strange bedfellows

The BBC report that BNP leader Nick Griffin, who has said global warming is "essentially a hoax", will be at the Copenhagen climate change conference. The MEP will be there representing the European Parliament, as he sits on its environment committee.

Sometimes you just cannot make it up.
Satire is dead.
He can't speak though...
he will make as much sense as the rest.
How appalling that he is there as a representative of the EU.

Apparently anyone, according to this racist idiot, who believes that climate change is a reality "is a crank".

The people who voted for this odious man should hang their heads in shame.
Hang on! Griffin is odious and extreme and stupid and an embarrasmment and a thug and worse. But, not because of his views on climate change.

The rhetorical equation of "climate change denier" and "holocaust denier" may be true in his case. At the very worst, being unconvinced by the arguments on climate change might make you foolish, misguided or wrong headed (and at best standing out against group think).

But, the implicit assertion in this post (and more particularly the comments) that being unconvinced by the full monty of climate change arguments somehow also makes you a fascist or a racist is taking guilt by association much too far.
There was no intention of implying such a thing in the post. My point was to question why a climate change denier was being sent to a conference that is debating action on climate change NOT on whether it exists or not. I am not responsible for the views of the commenters.
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